Change is the only constant in life. It can be intimidating but I embrace it and adapt. I have a strong appetite for new ideas and I fantasize about bringing them into the collective consciousness. Through my endeavors I remain captivated by human connection.

Art is the medium I have found to channel this obsession, my natural curiosity and my vigorous impulse to play. I do art because I enjoy it, it’s my playground.

Two contemporary artists I’m a big fan of are Andy Goldsworthy and Banksy. I’ve also been inspired by the techniques of Summinigashi and Kintsukuroi for my current work.

I want my art to be ephemeral and interactive. I imagine it can make others think of themes like transience/ephemerality, flow, adaptability, connectedness. I like to work on experimental mediums, for instance with developing photography materials and also with found objects.

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